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Strategic Biz Dev is a full service boutique business development firm that focuses on small to medium “cool” technology companies. We offer a unique combination of industry and field experience that coupled with our engagement methodology guarantees results. We typically work with each portfolio company as if we are a part of its executive team aligning our interests with those of the client. We are committed to developing a long-term profitable partnership and we typically do not take projects that we are not convinced we can bring value to. Our executives come from a wide variety of industries with many different set of skills. Veterans of the .COM era as well as of the mainframe days our team offers a unique combination of industry contact at almost any large ISV, technology leaders or fortune 1000 corporations. There is almost no challenge we did not face successfully before and we actually bring that perspective into every engagement.

Cost effectiveness is one of the most important aspects of what we do. If our project lead feels there is a better way for our clients to drive results – we will be the first to push for that alternative. SBD will always balance between our clients’ resources and the market opportunity to maximize the activity investment.

Our opportunity management methodology guarantees that our clients actually benefit from every SBD executive expertise, industry contacts, and business perspectives. We never think we know best but we do not automatically do what our clients want… 

Company Vision: 

Business Development A Strategic Growth Engine For Technology Companies.
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