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What we do?

First, we figure out who you are, the value proposition, what you need and how best to position your firm and offering. Once determined, we develop the messaging, target the right customers and partners and provide the necessary introductions. We work very closely with your team and make sure you are ready for the next steps.  

Based on the aforementioned, our services may be extended. Some of our clients utilize our expertise to mentor them through the first year launch in the U.S while others use SBD as their US based office. We can actually develop management, sales and marketing candidate profiles to ensure that you hire the right people when the time is right. Working closely with specialized recruiting firms – when appropriate and cost effective – the right people are brought into the organization allowing you to carefully grow. Our services include every option of outsourced business development including partner relationships and direct sales. SBD’s expertise and network includes many large vendors (IBM, SAP, HP, Software AG,  Oracle, etc.), System Integrators (Accenture, IBM GBS, BearingPoint, Tata, etc.) and many Fortune 1000 companies.

How SBD is compensated?

SBD understands the limitations, resource constraints and investment fears of emerging technology companies. We also understand opportunity and upside. Therefore, SBD structures compensation around:

1) Basic low level retainer
2) Commission based on revenue generation and goals
3) Options or actual equity.

We take care of the downside and maximize the upside – as you should do!

Our Philosophy!

Relationships and trust are everything. We treat our client’s business as our own, because it is. SBD is confident of our peoples’ capabilities and respectful of our clients’ needs and concerns. We are retained as experts, facilitators and leaders.
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