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One of the most delicate and important strategy aspects of any technology company is its funding strategy.

When to get funding?

Should the company bring in other investors? What type? Venture? Private Equity?

How much and under what conditions?

How to best position the company for a founding round?

These are all critical questions that can make a huge difference in a company’s near-term and future success. SBD has a network of investment banking firms, private equity firms, angel investors and mezzanine VC firm that we work with on a regular basis. These firms rely on our expertise and contacts in the technology market and many times come to SBD for professional recommendations or to outsource a Biz Dev project.

SBD’s services in this area are full-service; from the initial stage of requirements analysis, sales projections, valuation assessment and negotiations with all relevant parties. We typically include an ongoing business development activity that supports or expands the valuation of our client company. Furthermore, SBD helps clients (when needed) to best allocate the received funds in order to maximize the opportunity while minimizing the on-going risk.

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