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The most important, valuable asset every technology company possesses (other than the actual product or technology), is their customer base. The clients you work with really determine how successful your company will be. Many companies quickly realize that no matter how successful they are in their native land, when opening up operation in a new territory - especially in the US - things can be very complicated. SBD has helped multiple client companies to set-up direct sales operations in the US. Our executives have built sales teams from the ground up many times over. We can help you avoid common mistakes, overcome impediments and reduce risk.

Direct sales operation is very expensive, especially in the US. To get a high-level, dedicated talent, a company needs to offer much more than a competitive salary. In actuality, potential employees would prefer working with a US-based company and generally pass on opportunities to work for offshore organizations. For instance, some companies arrive with a predisposition to hire a “sales manager” and expect that person to wear several hats. Most quickly learn that not only that such a tact proves less than satisfactory. Sales organizations require leadership, infrastructure, support and hands-on management in order to be successful.

SBD can help companies in the following areas:

- Build a logical compensation packages that works

- Create sales executive profile

- Recruit and manage sales talent – as needed

- Develop “straw man” sales process

- Develop sales targets - Manage pipeline and forecasts

- Build account plans

- Mentor/manage the new sales executives
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